Artist Biography- Updated 2022

Sara Moran considers herself a multi-dimensional creator based in the Bay Area CA., attained a BA. in Art Education from San Francisco State University. Her works extract from past and present personal narratives/ self-reflections, transferred primarily as paintings in acrylic, digital, and photography. 

Sara remembers “painting Rainbows during childhood”, gathering recycled materials to create new toys to play with, and teaching herself to sew. “I bought a sewing machine which took me three months to get it started, I jumped around from excitement that I had finally figured it out.” Ever since Sara has sewn, adding to her own clothing and fixing her friends’ and relatives’ clothes, skills that later were integrated in her artworks.

At the age of twelve, she drew self-portraits, and of her family while they were: eating, sleeping, watching tv etc. At the age of sixteen she applied for a paid internship in film making for the City of Richmond, California. Where she learned about film production and made a film documentary with her film crew of two others. The documentary highlighted the “Untold Stories” of resilience from women that contributed to the war efforts in the shipyards of Richmond CA. during WWII. The film was exhibited at the Richmond Museum of History. Sara then was recognized with various awards, “I knew it was important to highlight all these stories and share it with the world. I became inspired to continue with documenting stories that capture resilience from all kinds of people across the World and share how they live/culture.”

In addition, when Sara took a drawing class in senior year-high school “foundations of drawing”, it fueled her desire to keep expanding in drawing. “I enjoyed: studying how light and shadow take on objects, I noticed different textures and lines more, I looked at everything then differently, a microscopic lens to my process. By then, I had many interests and saw many possibilities.” Sara attended Contra Costa College where she focused on developing more drawing skills and did commissioned portraits. She was also a teacher assistant for Elementary and Secondary school programs. 

Sara has exhibited her artworks at a few galleries throughout the Bay Area, and currently resides in the East Bay continuing her art practice. She has been working on new works and is “excited to share it soon”.

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