Artist Statement

Updated Sept 2022

My works transfer from personal reflections, where I focus on examining my own journey to inner healing (an ongoing process) which includes surrendering, releasing, finding my powers/center, connecting with my inner source/self, and other themes. I extract most of my art inspiration especially when immersing myself in nature, doing breathwork, yoga, running, reading, writing, other meditations etc. And from new life experiences and connecting with others.

I consider my artworks as visual reminders to myself, another tool to channel my inner source towards personal growth and transformation. Also, I hope that my works can be of useful inspiration to others.

This series embodies multiple creativities such as: semi-abstract and figurative works; both in acrylic, digital art, drawing, photography and assemblage mediums. In addition, I apply techniques found in sewing and weaving. I will post upcoming works, and pictures. If you are interested in knowing more about my practice and collaborative interest, send me a message. I am open to connecting and perhaps collaborating! 


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